Sunday, September 30, 2012

IPhones Paralyze Face to Face Socialization

Drawbacks of IPhones -
IPhones has paralyzed the 'social' face to face interaction with people. At a cafe, I observed a small group of young women having a brief meeting then all of a sudden there was silence.  They were all on their respective iphones, texting, checking email tweeting or whatever else. Here was a group of people who briefly got together to only turn around to use their iphones to do whatever else other than talk to one another.  In my view this is inconsiderate., but Another may say, ‘That’s technology today and it’s OK.  This is the generation we live in. However, this concept should not be ignored.  Face to Face interaction is indeed very powerful and important.  The power of technology contributes to the paralysis of the face to face interaction or better known as Social Skills.  

Where does one draw the line?  What experiences have you’ve had with this?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Pros and Cons to Reliance & Reputation

We are a society that relys on technology so much and indeed it fosters major conveniences, creativity and global communications.  At a push of one button, you have access to the world and the world, if you allow it, now has access to you via facebook, twitter, linked in, blogs, websites, videos, etc.    

This can be good or bad depending on your awareness, education and purpose in using these mediums.  Today the youth are indeed plugged in. What young adult does not have an iphone? Even elementary children are arriving with iphones!  Good?  Yes. This can be a wise move considering the times we live it with mad massacres and various natural catastrophes.  I would want my child to be able to make an important call should ever such events occur.  To put blind folds on and think it could 'never' happen with my child is not wise.  

The flip side - Too much reliance is not good.  The child can easily call mom for anything just to get out of school and therefore use it for manipulation purposes.  The child could make other calls that may not be appropriate during class time. 

It is a given many youth post, print, advertise 'whatever' they desire.  The other day as I was walking on the sidewalk, I saw a small group of young teenagers gathered.  While one was posing in a provocative manner showing her belly and a little some, another was recording her.  I thought, "Now, I wonder....what were those girls planning on doing with that video."  School project? Maybe.  In my opinion, when a group of girls are involved in these type of activities such as these, they have a motive and that motive is to share it.   Do they care who sees it?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  It depends and this can be a whole other topic.  In this regard, Technology is the medium in which a person's 'Reputation' can be tarnished. 
The flip side - The person who has used technology to build up or to reveal a good reputation indeed is a good thing.  It can lead to a good network base for employment opportunities or team collaborations, business ventures, business partnerships and accessibility to various resources.  All Good.  
Here is where wisdom calls out and says, 'Be careful of what you do and say and everything that is published on the internet'.  Education becomes a vital part in educating young adults of the power of the internet and understanding that it can indeed 'make' you or 'break' you.  
What are your thoughts?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eagle Eye View

Technology Age - All Encompassing

Technology is moving at lightening speeds. It encompasses a wide range of areas that impact all areas of our lives.  The technology that is most commonly known to us are computers, iphones, ipads and ipods, iiii. However, there are a wide range of other technologies that exist.  To name a few include: technology in surgical procedures, technology in TV, technology in cell phones, technology in weather systems, technology in military weapons, technology in surveillance's, technology in media, technology in photography, technology in medicine, technology in agriculture (GMO), technology in mass food production (hormones in cows), technology in the automotive industry (hybrids, keyless ignitions), technology in learning (on-line), technology in mass communications from anywhere (wi-fi - satellites), technology in banking (on-line, taking a picture of checks), technology for solar panels, technology for water.  Have I missed anything?  Where does it stop? Or does it?  I image soon we will have the technology to transport human beings from one place to another just like they did in Star Trek.   What a time to live in where any data is at our finger tips with the push of a button or a blink of an eye.  Exciting?  Could be. A little scary?  Could be.  What are your thoughts?    

Friday, June 15, 2012

Technology is moving fast. If you take a class in the field, by the time you finish the course, the technology is outdated.  Technology is replacing many jobs while creating others. Today, people can learn just about anything by simply Googling it.  Everywhere you go, there is a computer attached or associated with it.   More and more companies are on-line. More and more entrepreneurs exist online.  More and more educational institutions are online.  More and more people from all over the world can communicate and work together at their convenience from anywhere, even home via online.  However, with all this dynamic change, there are still people who don’t own an I phone, I pad, or their own website.  Change is not easy for everyone. Where are you in all this change?  Are you on board the ship, are you swimming behind the boat trying to catch up to get on board?, are you floating on a boogie board watching the boat move from a distance or are you lying on the beach on unmoving ground watching the ship drift on by.  What are your thoughts?