Sunday, September 30, 2012

IPhones Paralyze Face to Face Socialization

Drawbacks of IPhones -
IPhones has paralyzed the 'social' face to face interaction with people. At a cafe, I observed a small group of young women having a brief meeting then all of a sudden there was silence.  They were all on their respective iphones, texting, checking email tweeting or whatever else. Here was a group of people who briefly got together to only turn around to use their iphones to do whatever else other than talk to one another.  In my view this is inconsiderate., but Another may say, ‘That’s technology today and it’s OK.  This is the generation we live in. However, this concept should not be ignored.  Face to Face interaction is indeed very powerful and important.  The power of technology contributes to the paralysis of the face to face interaction or better known as Social Skills.  

Where does one draw the line?  What experiences have you’ve had with this?