Friday, June 15, 2012

Technology is moving fast. If you take a class in the field, by the time you finish the course, the technology is outdated.  Technology is replacing many jobs while creating others. Today, people can learn just about anything by simply Googling it.  Everywhere you go, there is a computer attached or associated with it.   More and more companies are on-line. More and more entrepreneurs exist online.  More and more educational institutions are online.  More and more people from all over the world can communicate and work together at their convenience from anywhere, even home via online.  However, with all this dynamic change, there are still people who don’t own an I phone, I pad, or their own website.  Change is not easy for everyone. Where are you in all this change?  Are you on board the ship, are you swimming behind the boat trying to catch up to get on board?, are you floating on a boogie board watching the boat move from a distance or are you lying on the beach on unmoving ground watching the ship drift on by.  What are your thoughts?