Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eagle Eye View

Technology Age - All Encompassing

Technology is moving at lightening speeds. It encompasses a wide range of areas that impact all areas of our lives.  The technology that is most commonly known to us are computers, iphones, ipads and ipods, iiii. However, there are a wide range of other technologies that exist.  To name a few include: technology in surgical procedures, technology in TV, technology in cell phones, technology in weather systems, technology in military weapons, technology in surveillance's, technology in media, technology in photography, technology in medicine, technology in agriculture (GMO), technology in mass food production (hormones in cows), technology in the automotive industry (hybrids, keyless ignitions), technology in learning (on-line), technology in mass communications from anywhere (wi-fi - satellites), technology in banking (on-line, taking a picture of checks), technology for solar panels, technology for water.  Have I missed anything?  Where does it stop? Or does it?  I image soon we will have the technology to transport human beings from one place to another just like they did in Star Trek.   What a time to live in where any data is at our finger tips with the push of a button or a blink of an eye.  Exciting?  Could be. A little scary?  Could be.  What are your thoughts?